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The Most Adopted Indonesian Rupiah Stablecoin

Rupiah Token (IDRT) enables you to use Indonesian Rupiah directly on top of Ethereum & Binance Chain. You can convert your Rupiah 1:1 to IDRT (no fee) or vice-versa (only 0.5% fee).

Get Rupiah Token (IDRT)

Volume (24H)

Circulating Supply

*includes IDRTB (Binance Chain version of IDRT)


All IDRT is backed 1:1 by Rupiah that is stored in reserve. As a result, the price of each token is stable at one Rupiah


IDRT leverages the world-renowned security and transparency of major public Blockchains


Our IDRT Smart Contract has been audited by CertiK. You can find our certificate at the bottom of this website

Fast & Borderless

You can send IDRT to anyone, anytime, and anywhere within minutes, thanks to the power of Blockchain


The reserve of Rupiah that backs IDRT is audited every month by a financial partner, ensuring its redeemability


As a token built on Ethereum (ERC-20) and Binance Chain (BEP-2), IDRT can be easily integrated with any other blockchain services

How to Purchase and Redeem IDRT

How It Works - Purchasing

Purchase IDRT using Rupiah

  • 1

    You deposit Rupiah to our bank account

  • 2

    We mint the equivalent amount of IDRT on the Ethereum Blockchain

  • 3

    We send the IDRT to your Ethereum wallet

Withdraw IDRT back to Rupiah

  • 1

    You send IDRT to our withdrawal address

  • 2

    We burn the IDRT from the Ethereum Blockchain to reduce total circulating supply

  • 3

    We transfer the equivalent amount of Rupiah to your bank account (minus small fees)

Meet the Team

We are alumni of top universities and tech unicorns who are incredibly passionate about driving positive change in Indonesia. We believe that Blockchain has the power to improve financial inclusivity and eradicate the difficulty of sending funds between parties.

Harvard Business School
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The University of Texas at Austin
Universitas Indonesia

Security is our Top Priority

We partnered with CertiK, a world-class Smart Contract Auditor, to ensure our IDRT Smart Contract is secure.

CertiK certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

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