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Announcement: IDRT Migration from BEP-2 Network to BSC Network (BEP-20)
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Announcement: IDRT Migration from BEP-2 Network to BSC Network (BEP-20)

Hi Rupiah Token user,

In line with the enhancement and development of the Binance ecosystem, we would like to inform you that the old Binance Chain, Beacon Chain BEP-2, will soon migrate and merge with Beacon Chain BSC (BEP-20) in June 2024.

Concurrent with this change, you need to convert your IDRT (BEP-2) to IDRT (BSC) before the early of May 2024. Here is important information to note:

  • Binance has reopened IDRT (BEP2) Deposit since March 7th, 2024;
  • Binance allows users to deposit their IDRT (BEP2) to their Binance exchange account, where they can convert/withdraw it into IDRT (BSC), IDRT (ERC20) or IDRT (Polygon);
  • The IDRT assets you convert will be valued at a 1:1 ratio;
  • Users are given the opportunity to convert the asset until the early of May 2024 and will disable IDRT (BEP2) deposit afterwards;
  • If you do not perform this conversion before the early of May 2024, then IDRT on the BEP-2 network will no longer be usable.

How to convert IDRT (BEP2) to IDRT (BSC)?

  1. Access your Binance Exchange account and make a deposit of IDRT (BEP-2)
  2. Process IDRT withdrawals on Binance and select BSC chain (BEP-20)
  3. Ensure to complete the conversion process before the early of May 2024, as after this time, users will no longer be able to use IDRT (BEP-2) and will not be able to convert it to IDRT (BSC)

For more information regarding the BEP-2 sunset and the migration process, please visit the following links:

We urge all IDRT users to promptly convert their assets from the BEP-2 network to the BSC (BEP-20) network before the specified deadline, as IDRT (BEP-2) will no longer be usable thereafter.

Thank you for your attention.

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